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25 Years of Progress

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

2007 New Parlour We invested in a new parlour as our old one had been installed in 1969 and therefore was very outdated and unable to cope with larger cow size and increasing numbers. The new parlour is a Boumatic 24 expressway which is better suited for more modern larger cows, this makes it a more comfortable and pleasant experience for both the cows and the operators. It is also fully computerised and fitted with modern technology to allow for accurate record keeping and monitoring of the herd. 2012 New Cow shed This was a major investment for us to accommodate our increasing number of milking cows. This shed is designed to provide the optimum environment and comfort for the cows.

The raised slatted shed is built into the Hillside here at Hillhead. This provides 10,000,000 litres of slurry storage. Constructed with ramp access to the underground tank to clearing out and complete emptying of the tanks which can be a problem with sanding bedding.

The deep sand cubicles provide the best environment for dairy cows. Sand being an clean and hygienic material which doesn't allow the growth of bacteria and thus reduced the risks of environmental mastitis. Sand is also super comfortable for the cows that they are more than happy to lie here and make fresh milk. Easy access and good footing means the cows can get in and out of the cubicles with ease.

Automatic climate controlled side curtains on the shed provide the best air environment for the cows. If its wet and windy the curtains will close to provide shelter and if its mild and stuffy the curtains will open to allow fresh cool air circulation.

Water troughs are all on a balanced water system with allows continuous flow of fresh water through the troughs and prevents freezing in the winter, The easy tipping function allows easy cleaning to provide a constant supply of fresh clean water.

Other factors like cow brushes and plenty of roaming space make this shed a perfect enviroment for our Cows of Covington herd all year round.

2021 Pasteuriser and Milk Vending We as a family have always enjoyed the fresh milk that is produced on the farm but have increasing found that it bears less resemblance to the milk available to the majority of people. Proper fresh milk has been losing its appeal, being overly processed; high temperature pasteurising, standardising, homogenising, filtering, skimming off the cream and often 5 days old before getting to the customer having travelled many, many, miles around the country. Alternative milks were gaining in popularity and being shipped worldwide. We wanted to create the Cows of Covington brand to provide proper fresh whole milk straight to the local community.

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