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Milk Pasteurising 

Our milk is pasteurised but not homogenised. This helps keep the natural taste and allows the cream to rise to the top! Here's how we keep the milk as close to natural and super fresh for you...


Step 1: The Milking

Here is an image of a cow being milked. We take great care in ensuring the cows are clean and comfortable at all times. The milk from the Cows of Covington, goes directly from the cow to the pasteuriser.


Step 2: The Pasteuriser

This is the milk going into the pasteuriser.

The milk is gently heated in here to 63.5 degrees celsius, and held at this temperature for 30mins. This ensures that the milk is fully pasteurised and safe for everyone to drink.

This is known as low temperature pasteurisation, a longer process than more big dairies. Low temperature pasteurisation doesn't waste the taste and texture of the pure natural milk.

By Law all milk sold in Scotland must be pasteurised.


Step 3: Cooling

In order for the pasteurisation process to complete, the milk is then cooled and stored at 3 degrees. T


Step 4: Transporting the Milk

Every morning, the freshly pasteurised milk is gently pumped into tanks that are taken to our two milk vending machines. One at the Milk Hut at Hillhead of Covington and the other in Browniles of Biggar.

IMG_2120 2.jpeg

Step 5: Dispensing the milk

The machines dispense both milk and milkshakes for you to enjoy. Our reusable glass bottles are available to buy at both sites and can be refilled again, and again.

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